The Commander's Message from the East

            Dear Sir Knights,

           I sincerely thank you for the high honor that you have entrusted to my care. I promise to serve Kensington-Kadosh Commandery to the best of my ability and honor the ancient traditions of our fraternity.

           The theme for this Templar year is Good Friends, Good Food and Good Fellowship. The second Monday of the month is a special time for us. Kensington-Kadosh enjoys a wonderful heritage of good fellowship, and my hope is that you will want to come a little earlier and linger a little longer.

           There will be programs and things to do every month, which I hope you will find concise yet absorbing.
           May 09, 2016: Speaker S.K. William D. Hartman, REGP
           June 13, 2016: Speaker S.K. Jerry Hamilton, REPGC
           Sept. 12, 2016: Speaker S.K. William A. Bailey, PC
           October 10, 2016: Speaker S.K. Robert A. Witmyer, PC
           Nov. 14, 2016: Speaker: S.K. Albert P. Schmidt, PC
           December 12, 2016: Christmas Observance
                      Cookie Auction
           January 09, 2017: Yes one is still in the planning
           February 13, 2017: Speaker S.K. Russell F. Oldham,G
           March 13, 2017: Speaker: S.K. Arno C.F. Vorwerk, PC                       Election of Officers
           April 10, 2017: Installation of Officers

           Remember each one of us makes what this Commandery was, is, and will be.

           Thank you Sir Knights for this opportunity to serve you in the East.

                                              Yours in Christ,

                                              S.K. Kenneth C. Blood, Commander